Dick Folwarkow

In 1952,  I was “confirmed” in a Minnesota Lutheran church. I thought that it was a good thing to do, but did not have the conviction to allow the Lord to work on my heart. After that, I attended church off and on, but nothing “stuck."

In 1961, Barb and I married. After two years in the Air Force and working in Minneapolis for a few years, I was offered employment in the CA Bay Area, 1967. I was still not serious about the “Christian” life and attended church services only when pushed. It was then that we met a very special Christian family, with kids the ages of ours, and this attracted me greatly. They invited us to church (Los Gatos Christian Church) and we met people who shared their convictions about Jesus Christ with us and this had a great impact on me.

I met Pastor Dave Jones of Los Gatos Christian in 1978 and he asked me if I wanted to invite Jesus into my life. I was ready and willing! My family and I were soon “re-baptized” and then we began to ask how we could best serve. We started the process by serving as Sunday School Teachers in the elementary department.

I have never regretted these decisions, but knew I had to grow more in His Word. This I continue to do on a daily basis. Barb and I moved to Cool and built our house in 1988 and began attending Cool Community Church. We became members of CCC that same year. For nine years I served as an Elder, then took a step back for a short time, to serve now again as Elder since March 2011. For many years Barb and I have been Sunday School teachers and Children’s Church teachers, as we love being with and seeing those young little faces. We have also served as Home Group Facilitator for many years. We do love this church family on the Divide!

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