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How to Kill Gossip
by Drew Buell on April 16th, 2019
Dan Phillips has some great practical advice on how to deal with gossip within the church.   Read More
God Prefers the Impossible
by Breanne Randall on April 11th, 2019
Is there anything too difficult for God?"In the exodus, one mighty act followed another. The story goes like this: Combine the most powerful king in the known world, slaves who stood no chance of successful insurrection because all they knew was slavery, and oppression that was getting worse. You now have the perfect ingredients for God’s decisive act of deliverance. It was the event on which God ...  Read More
Life is Too Short to Be in a Hurry
by Breanne Randall on April 9th, 2019
"One of the great hindrances to life on mission is being in a hurry."  Read More
Doing All Things By God's Word
by Drew Buell on April 4th, 2019
Here, then, is the sovereign power with which the pastors of the church…ought to be endowed. That is that they may dare boldly to do all things by God’s Word  Read More
The Slow Descent into Self-Centerdness
by Drew Buell on April 2nd, 2019
In Western culture today, you decide to get married because you feel an attraction to the other person. You think he or she is wonderful. But a year or two later— or, just as often, a month or two— three things usually happen.  Read More
When Black Clouds Gather
by Drew Buell on March 26th, 2019
Great hearts can only be made by great troubles. The spade of trouble digs the reservoir of comfort deeper, and makes more room for consolation  Read More
The Wonder of God's Faithfulness
by Drew Buell on March 14th, 2019
We know not which most to wonder at, the faithfulness of God or the unbelief of His people  Read More