God Prefers the Impossible

Is there anything too difficult for God?

"In the exodus, one mighty act followed another. The story goes like this: Combine the most powerful king in the known world, slaves who stood no chance of successful insurrection because all they knew was slavery, and oppression that was getting worse. You now have the perfect ingredients for God’s decisive act of deliverance. It was the event on which God staked his reputation until it was superseded by an even more cosmic deliverance through Jesus Christ.

Here is what we learn: God prefers the impossible. Although he often cares for our needs before we know we have them, his mighty acts are showcased best against the backdrop of insurmountable odds. Anything less would detract from his greatness. In this case, all Moses did was stretch out his hand – his empty hand – and watch a mighty deliverance [emphasis mine]."

–Ed Welch

Challenge: Is there something  you've desired that seems impossible? God delights in the seemingly impossible! I encourage you to write down your impossible dream and have the faith to ask God boldly, with hope and faith, to bring it to fruition. Add it to your daily or weekly prayer list and see how God works through your petition.