Tom Grady

I was raised catholic and attended parochial school through 5th grade, Catholicism taught me reverence for God and a strong sense of right and wrong. When I left home, I began living life for myself and the things the world had to offer; traveling and working, I found myself less and less satisfied with my life and I knew the LORD was calling me to return to Him. Then one day I received a letter from a longtime friend telling me he had received Christ into his life. I knew right then the Lord was setting me up.

Well, after coming back to California, my friend invited me to a bible study when afterwards the leader of the study turned to me and asked “Do you want to accept Jesus into your life?” Looking back on that I’ve told people that you never know who the Holy Spirit has been working on and sometimes they just need an invitation to accept Christ.

I started attending an evangelical church, a far cry from the church I was raised in but felt at home and this was where the Lord had placed me. Since early in my walk with Christ, He has always given me opportunities to serve. I’ve often told people that Christianity is not a spectator sport, that He has given us all talents.

I heard it said once from a wise man, “What would the Lord have you do?... The next thing He places before you.”