He is Altogether Lovely (Part 01)

I've had several requests for a copy of the introduction to yesterday's sermon on "The Supremacy of Jesus Christ Over Creation" from Colossians 1:15-17.

As Christians, we never get tired of speaking of Christ, because he is altogether lovely to us.

He is our advocate, the author and the finisher of our faith.
He is the alpha and the omega, our beloved, the bread of life, the bright and morning star.
He is our creator, counselor, and cornerstone of our faith.
He is our deliverer, Emmanuel, the everlasting God, the wellspring of eternal life.
He is the fountain of living waters that quenches our thirsty souls.
He is the balm of Gilead, poured out upon our sorrows.
The firstborn of the dead, and the only begotten of the Father.
He is the head of the church, our help, our hope, our husband, our heritage, the horn of our salvation.
He is our light, our life, our leader, our Passover lamb, the lion of the Tribe of Judah.
He is the Man Christ Jesus, our master, our mediator, the morning star, the Messiah.
He is our peace, our prince, our priest, our prophet, our propitiation, and our good physician.
He is our rock, our refuge, our ruler, our redeemer, our righteousness, and our resurrection.
He is the Son of God, the son of man, our shield, our shepherd, our sacrifice, our sanctuary, our salvation, and the sun of righteousness.

No one can love like the Lord Jesus, no one can show compassion like Jesus, no one can save other than Jesus.

Children love him, saints adore him, martyrs die for him, the sorrowing long for him, the humble trust in him, the penitent pour out their hearts before him.
In him is life, light and love, and through his sacrificial death we are his and he is ours. 
He is altogether lovely to us.

Adapted from Dr. William Plumer's inaugural address at Western Theological Seminary.