The Blessing of a Happy Mom

An excerpt from Sarah Mae & Sally Clarkson's book Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe 

"I see so many young women today who live by fear—fear of what others will think, fear of how they might ruin their children, fear of the expectations of other people, fear that they will not fill in all the holes in their children’s lives. I also see women who are afraid to be themselves. Often in this peer-pressured world, a close second-place motivator to fear is legalism, living by rules and works. So many women are exhausting themselves trying to appease everyone’s expectations of them. Following every blog and every piece of advice from books, whether good or bad, they are wearing out themselves and their children. It is vitally important for women to learn how to think biblically for themselves instead of being enslaved to other people’s thoughts and opinions. To truly follow God with everything in our lives, we must learn to develop discernment…A happy mom who is secure in herself and at ease in her life is a rare gift that children love and appreciate."

Here's a link to the book here.