7 Principles to Consider in Relation to the COVID Vaccine

Al Mohler has recently written a very helpful article about Vaccines and the Christian Worldview. In the article he lists seven issues that Christians should consider as they think through the morality of the new COVID vaccine.

Mohler writes:
This is an absolutely historic and crucial moment. This pandemic has wrought untold destruction—and we are, I pray, in the final months of this contagion’s deadly advance. The creation of vaccines in such a short amount of time is something to be celebrated. And as Christians begin to decide whether or not to take the vaccine, it is important to understand the serious moral complexities involved. We must think biblically about this vital issue.  

As we begin to think through the various arguments for and against the new vaccine, I believe that we should all be able to agree to the following: 1) No one should be coerced into receiving a vaccination. 2) No one should be condemned for receiving a vaccination.

Here are Dr. Mohler's Seven points for Christians to consider about vaccines and their use:
  1. Christians do not believe in medical non-interventionism.
  2. Christians must consider the derivation of the vaccine itself - what kind of technology was involved in the development of a vaccine.
  3. Christians must consider the efficacy and safety of the vaccine.
  4. Christians should consider the moral implications of a potentially government mandated vaccine.
  5. Christians should consider the issue of the common good and what love of neighbor looks like in relation to vaccines.
  6. Christians should consider the integrity of the family and the authority of parents in relation to vaccines.
  7. Christians should consider the issue of access and priority in regard to vaccines.

You an read the rest of Dr. Mohler's article at this link.

Dr. John MacArthur also gives a very helpful answer to the question about whether or not to take the COVID vaccine (including whether he would be willing to receive the vaccine) at this link.
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