Don Bazinet

I first professed faith in Christ and was baptized as a young teenager, having heard the Gospel at a private Christian school I attended for two years. But as a young adult I was distracted by new responsibilities and the things of the world. I attended church only sporadically and did not spend enough time in the Word or in fellowship with other Christians. When Lori and I married I understood my responsibility to be the spiritual leader in our home but rarely met it. There were periods where we attended church but we always fell away and were not truly following Christ.

In 2013, a serious health scare with Lori brought me back to my knees in prayer. As soon as she was well enough we returned to church at Cool Community Church where we were warmly received by a faithful pastor and many godly people in the church. And as we worshiped with the church and studied the Word daily, the Lord opened my eyes and heart again to many things, among them:

That God is absolutely sovereign and holy and He is the source of all love, joy, peace, and light.   That I am unfit to be in His presence except by the atoning blood of Jesus. That the story of the prodigal son is not about the son but about the love and faithfulness of the Father. That He will not let go of those He has called. That He works all things for the good of those who love Him. And that there is nothing in creation to be valued higher than Jesus and being in His presence.

God richly demonstrated His mercy and love to us and I rededicated my life to Him then. He also gave me a new love for the church and His people and I have been blessed to serve them on the worship and A/V teams in the few years since. I pray that God will continue to use me to serve faithfully and effectively as an elder.