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The Difference Between Being Busy and Being Hurried
by Drew Buell on August 29th, 2019
"Being busy is about the things you have to do."  Read More
Win Them to Christ by Winning Them to Church
by Drew Buell on August 22nd, 2019
"Preach the gospel. Preach the hope of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection for sinners."  Read More
You Can’t Bad-Attitude Someone into a Good Attitude
by Drew Buell on August 20th, 2019
"It is the kindness of God that leads us to repentance."  Read More
"Running Scared" Book Review
by Drew Buell on August 8th, 2019
"There is a close connection between what we fear and what we think we need."  Read More
What Is Faith Born Out Of?
by Drew Buell on July 30th, 2019
The faith that believes that God will do what you ask is not born in a hurry.  Read More
How to Read Proverbs
by Drew Buell on July 23rd, 2019
A proverb does not give guarantees; rather, it indicates the best route to a desired end.   Read More
What Quenches Our Thirst?
by Drew Buell on July 18th, 2019
But the gospel is the good news that God is the all-satisfying end of all our longing  Read More
Take Me Lord
by Drew Buell on July 16th, 2019
Take me, Lord, at whatever cost.   Read More
What Is An Evangelical Leader?
by Drew Buell on July 11th, 2019
In brief, an evangelical is a person who believes the ‘three R’s’:  Read More
He Knows Your Path
by Drew Buell on July 9th, 2019
Eighteenth Century pastor and author John Newton wrote the following letter to a sister who was grieving the loss of her sister.  Read More
It Is Perfectly Right
by Drew Buell on July 4th, 2019
Often God seems to place His children in positions of profound difficulty  Read More
Winning Men
by Drew Buell on July 2nd, 2019
Why Men Hate Going to Church  Read More
A Godly Woman's Responsibility
by Drew Buell on June 27th, 2019
It was a profound realization when I understood that I could become an artist with my very life.  Read More
What Is Faith Born Out Of?
by Drew Buell on June 25th, 2019
In his book Quiet Talks on Prayer S.D. Gordon makes the following observation about what faith is born out of.  Read More
Teach Me to be Glad Thou Art King
by Drew Buell on June 20th, 2019
And for that which is to come, give me thy grace to do in all things what pleaseth thee.  Read More
Where Do You Find Yourself?
by Drew Buell on June 13th, 2019
The more we get what we now call “ourselves” out of the way and let Him take us over, the more truly ourselves we become.  Read More
What Does Good Communication Look Like?
by Drew Buell on June 6th, 2019
Communication is one of the most important aspects to any marriage  Read More
The Blessing of a Happy Mom
by Drew Buell on June 4th, 2019
An excerpt from Sarah Mae & Sally Clarkson's book Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe   Read More
Practical Advice for Those Struggling with Depression
by Drew Buell on May 28th, 2019
For me, making a specific plan to face the giant of depression always lessens its impact and shortens its duration.  Read More
What Can We Bring to God?
by Drew Buell on May 23rd, 2019
"This is the worthiness – the best and only kind we can bring to God..."  Read More
The Purpose of Church Discipline
by Drew Buell on May 21st, 2019
In chapter 12 of the Institutes Calvin lays out three specific purposes for church discipline.  Read More
Rest on the Open Sea
by Drew Buell on May 16th, 2019
"My end was the outward calm; His was my meeting with the storm."  Read More
Crazy Parenting
by Drew Buell on May 14th, 2019
"Could it be we’ve made parenting too complicated?"  Read More
It Is Christ Who Saves Us
by Drew Buell on May 9th, 2019
“We exist to proclaim the Lordship of Jesus Christ over all things for the joy of all people.”   Read More
Fathers Must Always Lead
by Drew Buell on May 7th, 2019
"Because the husband is the head of the wife, he finds himself in a position of inescapable leadership."  Read More
How to Kill Gossip
by Drew Buell on April 16th, 2019
Dan Phillips has some great practical advice on how to deal with gossip within the church.   Read More
God Prefers the Impossible
by Breanne Randall on April 11th, 2019
Is there anything too difficult for God?"In the exodus, one mighty act followed another. The story goes like this: Combine the most powerful king in the known world, slaves who stood no chance of successful insurrection because all they knew was slavery, and oppression that was getting worse. You now have the perfect ingredients for God’s decisive act of deliverance. It was the event on which God ...  Read More
Life is Too Short to Be in a Hurry
by Breanne Randall on April 9th, 2019
"One of the great hindrances to life on mission is being in a hurry."  Read More
Doing All Things By God's Word
by Drew Buell on April 4th, 2019
Here, then, is the sovereign power with which the pastors of the church…ought to be endowed. That is that they may dare boldly to do all things by God’s Word  Read More
The Slow Descent into Self-Centerdness
by Drew Buell on April 2nd, 2019
In Western culture today, you decide to get married because you feel an attraction to the other person. You think he or she is wonderful. But a year or two later— or, just as often, a month or two— three things usually happen.  Read More
When Black Clouds Gather
by Drew Buell on March 26th, 2019
Great hearts can only be made by great troubles. The spade of trouble digs the reservoir of comfort deeper, and makes more room for consolation  Read More
The Wonder of God's Faithfulness
by Drew Buell on March 14th, 2019
We know not which most to wonder at, the faithfulness of God or the unbelief of His people  Read More