Great Trials and Great Joys

In light of the trials of the last few months and especially the last few weeks, this quote from Charles Spurgeon has meant a great deal to me:

"Great trials enables us to bear great joy, and may be regarded as the herald of extraordinary grace. God’s dealings are according to scale; small lives are small throughout; and great histories are great both in sorrow and happiness. Where there are high hills there are also deep valleys. As God provides the sea for leviathan, so does he find a pool for the minnow; in the sea all things are in fit proportion for the mighty monster, while in the little brook all things befit the tiny fish. If we have fierce afflictions we may look for overflowing delights, and our faith may boldly ask for them. God who is great in justice when he chastens will not be little in mercy when he blesses, he will be great all through; let us appeal to him with unstaggering faith." – Spurgeon, The Treasury of David, Volume 2, pages 65-66 [emphasis mine]