What Is An Evangelical Leader?

A few years ago, Iain Murray released a biography of John MacArthur that is an excellent read. At the outset of the book Murray gives five characteristics of an evangelical leader that I found to be very helpful. Here is what he said:

"In brief, an evangelical is a person who believes the ‘three R’s’: Ruin by the Fall, Redemption through Jesus Christ, and Regeneration by the Holy Spirit. It follows that an ‘evangelical leader’ is a person who stands out in the advancement and defense of those truths…

An evangelical leader is one who leads and guides the lives of others by the Scripture as the Word of God.

An evangelical leader inspires the affection of followers because they learn Christ through him, and see something of Christ in him.

An evangelical leader is a man prepared to be unpopular.

An evangelical leader is one who is awake to the dangers of the times…A true evangelical leader is raised up to provide God-given direction.

An evangelical leader will not direct attention to himself."