Mike Denton

I was baptized Catholic as a baby and grew up in the Catholic Church, although my family did attend the Methodist Church for a few years during my early school years. After my parents divorced, and I was in high school, we attended the Lutheran Church. Through all of this I believed I was a Christian. But late in my senior year of high school, I read a guidepost book that was a combo book of “God’s Psychiatry” and “But God Can.” One explained the Beattitudes, the other one was on Psalm 23.  I also had two high school friends that became believers who prayed with me and invited me to watch a movie on the Rapture.

I continued to be open to spiritual things, although I was still living a worldly life. My best  friend’s parents couldn’t drive and continually asked me to take them to church. May 18, 1975, I did take them to church and I also attended the service. It was the first time I heard the Gospel as an adult. I knew I had to respond and went forward to pray and receive Jesus Christ as my Savior.
I was baptized on June 8, 1975. As a young believer I earnestly desired to read and study God’s word, and I did as often as I could. I attended church Sunday mornings and evenings, and the Wednesday Bible study. I attended Trinity Bible School in Sacramento in fall 1977 to spring 1978.

At this time, working for Hancock Fabrics in Citrus Heights, I was transferred to the Bay Area as a manager-trainee. After a time I was ready to get back to Placer county and return to school, when on June 23, 1978, in walked a young Christian girl named Janet Moody to apply for the Assistant Manager’s position. A month later she was hired, and I worked with her for a couple of weeks before I went back home. We were engaged by Thanksgiving and married the following year in October. We attended The Valley Church in Cupertino while living in San Jose.

We eventually moved to Cool in May 1983 and began attending Cool Community Church in September 1984.  We always attended and considered ourselves ‘members’ of CCC, but then became ‘official’ members in May 1991. At Cool Community Church I have served as a Sunday School teacher, VBS Jr. High Leader,  Children’s Church teacher, Home Groups Facilitator, Deacon, AWANA Leader, and since Nov. 2000, as an Elder. Janet and I have 5 children and 8 grandchildren (so far.)