Jeff Parkhurst

I accepted Christ at the age of 8 during vacation bible school at the Dixon Neighborhood Church in Dixon, CA. At the time, I remember sitting a row behind three of my classmates. When the leaders asked who accepted Christ, I raised my hand and one of my classmates in front of me did also but then quickly put it down when they were ridiculed by their friends sitting next to them(Matt 13:4,19). By the grace of God, I had sat alone that day which allowed the seed to take root. God continually increased my faith through prayer in trials. In 6th grade, I remember losing my math book and asking God to help me find it and after praying, I looked up and it was on my teacher's desk. I remember my brother becoming a Jehovah's witness when I was in 9th grade and being challenged as to who Jesus was ("The trinity can't be true as it makes no sense"). That Summer, I went to Alliance Redwoods Christian Camp and the topic was cults and specifically Jehovah's Witnesses!! In College, I remember struggling at times especially when I started taking electrical engineering classes. God was true to helping me overcome these obstacles through prayer and faith.

There have been times in my life where I have had very dry times. Times where it seemed like my prayers were hitting a bronze ceiling and the Bible had nothing new to say. It was at these times that my faith and endurance were tested. Through all of this, God was gracious in holding me close to Him. I have learned through all my experiences that the focus needs to be on relationship which is something I look for opportunities as far as growth.

My gift is in teaching. Here at CCC, I started teaching the 3rd - 6th children's church class. Then, when the opportunity presented itself, I began working with Rob as one of the youth leaders. I consider it a tremendous privilege to have the opportunity to shape young lives through teaching and counseling. Lately, I have been leading the adult sunday school class along with Gary Farnworth and Dave Robertson. I consider all these opportunities to serve the body of Christ as a privilege and look forward to continuing to serve our Lord through various ministries.