Dave Robertson

Growing up in the 1950's & 60's, I attended the tirst Methodist church in Bulringame on the San Francisco peninsula. My mother was raised in the Episcopal church in San Francisco, and my father, born & raised in Louisiana, attended a Church of God. They apparently compromised & agreed that the methodist church was appropriate for my older sister & me.

I credit my family & some special Sunday school teachers for teaching me to love Jesus. My grandmother once told me that when I was about four years old I said, “I love Jesus.” As an older child, I didn't understand why Jesus was crucified, but it saddened me that he was killed.

Then, in early adolescence I turned away. Christianity seemed like just a set of rules, and the adults at church like judgmental hypocrites. I was told, “You seem like a nice boy, but your hair is too long.” At  home, I was rebelling against my father who was controlling & rejecting. As my self-esteem sunk, I passionately embarked on an anti-establishment, party lifestyle.

From my late teen years into early adulthood, I became increasingly depressed, anxious & confused. I was, nevertheless, too proud to admit that I had chosen the wrong path and I stubbornly insisted on livng my way. Though I described myself as an agnostic, I held on to a reverence for Jesus. I would never use His name in vain, and I took offense when others demeaned him in any way. Thankfully, Jesus periodically reminded me that he was waiting for me. He brought Christians into my life in numerous ways & situations, and He even supernaturally 'spoke' to me. I believe He prevented me from straying too far when I explored Bahai, Hinduism, Buddism & human potential movement groups similar to EST. In 1974, I even experienced a 'conversion.' I told friends that I had become a Christian, but in a few short weeks I was my old self again.

In 1977, I was so miserable that I was starting to let go of my stubborness. I found my RSV Bible given to me by the First Methodist Church of Burlingame and turned to the Gospel according to Matthew. When I read that Jesus said “Pray this way,” I started saying the Lord's prayer every night. In a short while, I started to see the world differently. I saw it as God's creation. I felt God's presence. I was moved to go to a church, so I naturally went to a Methodist church in Vallejo where I was living. I thought the sermon message was off somewhat, so I kept looking. I was led to a group of Christian men looking for roommates, and I moved in with them. They were attempting to plant a Church of the Open Door, and we had Bible studies & fellowship. I hadn't given up partying entirely though.

Finally, in 1978 at the age of 27, I was so convicted after a night of partying that I dropped to my knees and told Jesus I wanted to follow him. I wanted to do whatever he asked of me. For two or three days afterwards, I could 'see' an enormous cross looming over me, and I sensed tremendous power.

After committing my life to Jesus, I began a journey of growth, healing & blessings that has continued to the present. I've been empowered by the Holy Spirit to forgive people who had hurt me. The Spirit has helped me love & give in ways I never had before. I've experienced God's love & strength through trials, including a divorce & the loss of my parents. I've been blessed with my wife & four children, and many other wonderful people in my life.

Now, 40 years after conversion, as a member of our body here at Cool Community Church, my relationship with Jesus is getting ever more exciting. Through study, prayer, worship, fellowship,  and ministry, I am learning to trust & submit to God in deeper ways. It's my hope that He is glorified in this & will see fit to equip me & use me according to His plan. Specifically, I hope that I can serve you, our church, effectively as an elder.

Thank you for the opportunity to share some of the ways God has worked in my life. I look forward to fellowshipping with you, and I pray that all of you enjoy many, many blessings in Christ.